We Are Horizon Advisory Group

Small businesses, non-profit organizations, and start-ups have a lot in common. They all address a specific need, they all have an audience in which they serve, and they all have people leading the way and doing the work. We help these organizations ensure that they are operating strategically to meet their goals and achieve consistent growth.

Leadership & Strategy

Establishing mission, vision, values, and leadership roles are important to your organization. These elements define what your organization does and where it’s going. We offer services such as strategic planning, leadership alignment and mission/vision identification to help organizations find their horizon.

Culture & Change Strategy

Internal or external changes can cause misalignment and warrant an organizational shift. We support our clients through organizational changes by assessing readiness for change, coaching them through change, and developing change and communications plans to ensure successful implementation.

Organization Strategy

Organizational transformation can improve performance or hinder it. We develop, design and implement organizational strategies to generate lasting growth for our clients.

We bring strategic consulting methods used with Fortune 500 companies to small business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, and non-profit leaders to support growth and sustainability.

Horizon Advisory Group, LLC strives to equip organizations with high quality strategy, coaching, and guidance to get their next level.

Client Reviews

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